K45 Bootcamp

Get Fit. Get Outdoor.

In Weltevreden Park

Our lives are busy these days — we get it! We know there are a large amount of external factors that stops us from exercising and ultimately living a purposeful life such as lack of expertise, lack of motivation and lack of consistency. KAOS Fitness is here to help you. Our K45 Bootcamp is an outdoor class that includes a variety of equipment from weights, balls, kettlebells, boxing bags, ropes and tyres. While you train with us you are guided by our certified professional instructors who will walk you through every exercise ensuring you keep the right form and movement preventing you from injuries and ensuring that you maximize your workout. 

KAOS K45 Bootcamp comprises of 45 minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with 15 minutes core and mobility. Each classes is completely different providing our members with diversity and fun while working out. The 45 minutes encompasses a range of exercises and movements such as isolation, compound, functional, boxercise, weight training and plyometrics all combined and mixed amongst different workout stations — giving you a workout that makes you want to come back. 

K45 Bootcamp & Adults Offering

New services. New affordable prices.

Personal Training


Specific & customized personal training 

Nutrition guidance

Goal setting

Assessments, monitoring & reports

R250 p/s per person

Group Outdoor Fitness

Ladies from ages 16 & up
8 sessions available per month
HIIT training including functional, kettlebell, boxercise, bodyweight movements, plyometrics & more

R400 p/m per person

Why choose KAOS K45 Bootcamp

  • Our classes are fun and for everyone
  • Our classes are dynamic, always ensuring you stay focused and excited to train
  • Over 45 different exercises and movements that bring diversity to each class
  • Our instructors are all qualified and certified Fitness Professionals
  • This is not a military Bootcamp it’s a training platform – no shouting commands
  • You can join the program whenever you want during the month, no need to wait for the end of the month
  • Our classes will help you tone, build muscle, lose weight, get stronger and improve your flexibility and core strength
  • Our classes bring a social and fun aspect to our training allowing you to not only feel good physically but mentally too!

What our KAOS members say?

“I’ve been training on and off for a while but found gym intimidating and training on my own was challenging. I heard about KAOS through a friend, and being a KAOS Bootcamp member where I could train with others is right up my alley so I decided to give it a go. I’m so glad I did, it’s been 6 months since I joined and I feel so much better after my training sessions, not just physically but mentally too. The coaches are fantastic and change the routine on a weekly basis to keep it interesting, not to mention the other members I train with, I can’t remember a session where we didn’t laugh, to me, that’s what training should be about, enjoyment, not punishment and I certainly enjoy KAOS, don’t get me wrong, it’s a workout but it wouldn’t be Bootcamp if it wasn’t. Thanks so much Coaches for all the effort and time you put in, you should be proud.” – Lynsey de Beer

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But — what if I am a beginner?

The programme is designed to encourage participants to push themselves to their own limits. This helps newcomers ease into the programme instead of trying to keep up with existing group members and allows seasoned group members to still get in a real workout. It is for this reason that the KAOS K45 Bootcamp can accommodate ladies and gents of all levels of fitness, from Beginner through to Advanced. Our classes are guided by certified fitness instructors who will help you improve your fitness levels and get to your next goal.

Class times

Tuesday and Thursday evening     17:30 pm – 18:30 pm